TechNOSin Mission

A few years ago the Spanish pastor at our church said to me “you are Pastor Gadget” you’re preaching on gadgets at the next youth service. After I preached a simple message entitled TechNoSin he said “you are preaching this message at the youth rally in Reading PA. After the youth rally he said “this message will go all over” … and the Mission has begun.

With a smile I say the BIG Goal / Mission is to “G-Rate” the Internet ! Not by a censorship but with the idea that if no one ever visited a bad website they would all dry up.

The Small – more realistic – goal is to help one kid make one less bad choice on Internet by unleashing the power of the Holy Scripture in a very unholy place.

The TechNoSin concept is not an internet filter – representing a type of “fence” that may just challenge the uncommitted to jump over crawl through or go around. The concept rather points to a heart dedication that is willing to destroy the offensive device if uncontrolled. This heart magnet of dedication represents the only filter that will work everytime and everywhere.

To date nearly 40,000 TechNoSin Sticker have been passed out and the TechNoSin Challenge has been spoken hundreds of times touching my lives for Gods eternal glory.

Join with us in the mission by…

1. Placing the Sticker on some unclaimed real estate like the back side of a smart phone or near the screen of an electronic device.

2. Request more Stickers and a key ring pouch and share in the TechNoSin Evangelism effort.

3. Host an Event large or small at a school, church, retreat or rally seeing more lives challenged with this message of moral purity and gospel necessity.

4. Donate to this non-profit effort as we are attempting to supply the stickers, key-ring pouches and speaking events at no charge.

Contact Information:

Call US at 1 (610)791-3030